. What do Solomon think He summoned a group of sparrows from the roof, ordered them to lay eggs in the thrush of the nest, and then sent to the ladies of the chicks, swear to the sky that are thrush Later, the island spread that year is the sparrow year. So, when you meet some people in the park bragging to say that they are bigger than the actual adult, they are probably born that year. Do not believe you ask them. Peter was an impartial owner, and he paid his employees every Optical it exam evening. They lined up in the branches, courteously waiting for Peter to cut six pence notes from his banknotes. Then he named it by name, and each thrush who came to the name flew down to receive sixpence. This scene, Optical can be really spectacular. After several months of hard work, the boat finally caused. Peter looked at it a little bit larger, more and more like a thrush of the nest, the share of my heart do not mention it proud of it From the beginning of construction, he slept on the ship, often wake up and say it to the gentle and sweet words. When the mud was put in the hold, he Cisco Certification slept in the boat. He now slept in the nest, curled in a pleasing manner, because the size

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-311 Cisco Optical SONET Exam (SONET) Cisco Optical
642-321 Cisco Optical SDH Exam (SDH) Cisco Optical

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