ot heart roll into the joy of his new post, pointing to the gate proudly said The days of the city of Jiuzhong, empty handed dial key, barefoot Deng Kunlun. And began to incense, held from the Master to offer Shane incense incense incense ceremony. In the old days, Zen used to be very strict with the source of personal enlightenment. In such an era, it was not so much that Master decided his disciples, but rather his disciples chose Master. The disciples not only accept the master who originally invested in the business, but also accept the master s degree of mastery of enlightenment, and must disclose the names of the masters of his law in the minds of those who explain Buddhism. While Cisco Unified Access it exam observing this bright incense ceremony, I pondered If I was to follow the Luyuan Temple, I would announce the teacher s name as usual when Cisco Certification I offered it. Perhaps Cisco Unified Access I will break the seven hundred years of practice, declare another name. In the early spring afternoon, the abbot room chilly, indoor filled with five kinds of incense aroma, placed in the back of the Buddha with a glittering Ying Luo, around the main Buddha statu

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