Chihiro stopped. In the stairs, Chihiro and other people have left, whispered There will be a meeting of staff this afternoon, and I intend to make public at the meeting about what happened. Spirited Away also want to go on, yu times silently nodded, refused to further conversation, turned back Cisco Business Value Specialist to the classroom. Matsuno Yu times helplessly come back. I can only rely on you and Toda to testify. I know. Chihiro noddedYu times are a smile. Because the teacher saved my life. Yu times through the corridor, walked into the Class A classroom for three years. Zhe hung, who stood in the Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam sub seats around. Yu Tsz Hung said Toda, I just told the teacher and that thing. Zhe male smile back to ask what s up Zhe male step to the right, Yu times this to see their own table, his face instantly like a frozen expression of the general. Other students are cruel to observe the margin of the reaction. Yu time table just like Cheng was the same, stood a white chrysanthemum inserted a bottle. Yu Tsai is very clear what that means, which means that he has become a new object of bullying. Kazuhiko stared blankly. After school, Spirited Away Chih hung called the student counseling room. But in front of Zhe hung, with that day to her house when the face looks like a panic. Zhe male a pay no one in the face, and never look squarely Chihiro s eyes. The staff meeting was very miserable. It s over Yo Educational Director Yu Chai said. The most important thing Cisco Certification is th

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