rth behind the door, just to protect the Court of the Golden House behind the model. This board door has been decrepit, up and down nail six or seven nails, to pull is very easy. Nails are loose, as long as the power of your fingers can easily pull it down. I try to pull the two, wrapped in paper, put the desk drawer in the first save up. The number passed, no one seems to find. A week later, still no one found. 28 evening, I quietly put the two nails back in place. Since I saw the teacher squatting phase, and finally determined CCNP SP Operations it exam not to CCNP SP Operations rely on the power of anyone. On the same day I went to thousands of this out of Sichuan West Frontier police station near a pharmacy to buy sleeping pills. At first, the clerk took out an estimated 30 bottles of a small bottle, I said to the big bottle, it took IOO yuan to buy a bottle of beans loaded. Then, I went to the West Frontier police station next to the adjacent hardware shop, spent 40 to buy a four inch blade with a long knife blade. Night, I wandered in front of the West Frontier police station. Several windows of the police station were brightly lit, and a plainclothes policeman in a lapel shirt was hurriedly in his briefcase. No one noticed me. The past ZO years, has been no one noticed me. This state, now continues. Right now I m not an important Cisco Certification figure. In Japan this country, there are millions. Tens of millions of people living in no

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
642-775 Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Routing Protocols(MSPRP) Cisco CCNP SP Operations
642-780 Maintaining Cisco Service Provider VPNs and MPLS Networks (MSPVM) Cisco CCNP SP Operations
642-785 Maintaining Cisco Service Provider Quality of Service (MSPQS) Cisco CCNP SP Operations

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