l go to him now, Hal suggested. Good idea, I ll go too, Roger interrupted. No, Cisco Certification said his father, you d better get me to sleep. Hal walk to Independence Square. There is a concert to play. The music reverberated before the cathedral and the bishop s house. Square CCIE Service Provider it exam filled with people, there are gorgeous citizens of Spanish descent, but also wearing a flat top hat, blanket like shawls like the Indians. Hal thought, how beautiful the mysterious city ah It is located in the mountains around the basin, snow capped mountains in the moonlight shine. No wonder the people of Quito are so in love with their city. Quito goes to Heaven. They always say that. Hal slowed down, and he was a little breathless, because the altitude here is 9,500 feet above sea CCIE Service Provider level. Carefully think, the capital of Ecuador with the door to heaven next door, it is one of the world s highest city. The equator is outside the city, the wind here is not biting, but the air is cold, still makes it difficult to believe that the equator is close at hand. Hal buckle coat, out of the brightly lit square, strolling into the old city of narrow black streets. Cobbled pavement potholes, walking in the above very car

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400-201 CCIE Service Provider Written Exam Version 4.0 Cisco CCIE Service Provider

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